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What is Transparent Collective?

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Transparent Collective is a nonprofit focused on helping Black, Latinx, and Female founders access the resources they need to create successful companies. We want to provide guidance to the next generation of underrepresented founders.

Specifically, our goals are three-fold. First, we want to help solve the information asymmetry problem between investors and underrepresented founders. Those investors who want a diverse portfolio, but may not have the personal network connections to find those high caliber companies. Transparent Collective provides investors with that high-qualified deal flow, as every one of our founders comes to the table with strong performance indicators towards their future potential success.

Second, our aim is to provide founders with education around pitch mechanics, decks, and metrics. Our events include mentor sessions where each founder practices to tighten their story and polish their presentations.

Finally, Transparent Collective was founded in order to contribute to the development of an ecosystem where minority entrepreneurs can flourish. We aren’t a competition or “Shark Tank” type of environment. Our collective is a network of seasoned founders, investors, and mentors help the next batch of remarkable founders.

We held our inaugural event in July with 8 startups from around the country: Benjii (Houston, TX), The Core Results (Durham, NC), KudosReading (Bay Area), Laughly (San Francisco, CA), RentHub (Austin, TX), Riide (Washington DC), Splt (Detroit, MI), and Whose Your Landlord (Brooklyn, NY).

I learned a lot in preparing my pitch — loved the support from Hiten, Andrea, and James around storytelling — and really appreciated the low pressure and supportive environment. But above all, I love the network. You guys attract awesome people, and there was a true feeling of camaraderie and helpfulness that is not always felt in these types of events. The companies, panelists, and audience were of extremely high caliber, and it is a network I feel lucky to now be apart of! -Amber Wason, Riide

Our next event will be in early November. Founders can sign-up to apply for a spot in our next batch.

Other supporters can sign-up to join our mailing list on and follow us at Transparent Collective to keep up with the latest updates!

About the Partners

James Norman, co-founder @ Pilotly. Founded Ubi Video, Shift Marketing, F1RST Motoring Apparel, and now Pilotly. Written over 250k lines of code to change TV forever. EECS BS @ University of Michigan.

Adrian Walker, founder @ Senetur. Founded Rippld, First Element Ent and Senetur. Industrial Operations Engineer @ University of Michigan.

Clayton Bryan, partner @ DormRoom Fund. Product enthusiast and customer developer advocate. Former Yahoo. Educated @ Cal-Berkeley and NYU.

Rohini Pandhi, product lead @ Square. Formerly directed product at PubNub and Rackspace. Love building products and businesses. Computer Engineering BSE @ University of Michigan and MBA @ University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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Transparent Collective helps Black, Latinx, and women founders access the connections & resources needed to succeed.

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