Transparent Collective Team Spotlight: Meet Rohini Pandhi

We kept seeing the same kind of person get funded: a white dude from a California school who was able to raise millions of dollars with only an idea. It was so incredibly frustrating to not see ourselves get represented and supported.

It became a personal mission: What can we do to change the game for people like us?

What helps people stand out is if you can show that your business isn’t just an idea, but that you’ve done work on it — that there’s a product or customers there.

If you’re not ready for Transparent Collective yet, we have other resources. We also hold monthly ‘Ask Me Anything’ and investor events on Zoom. And we have founder spotlights on the blog so that you can see what resonates about other founders’ stories and build your own.



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Transparent Collective

Transparent Collective


Transparent Collective helps Black, Latinx, and women founders access the connections & resources needed to succeed.