The TC team is elated to introduce the 9 founders who participated in the 7th startup showcase, the second that TC has held remotely. The nine tech founders were invited to join the intensive week-long program focused on key aspects of founding and running an early-stage company.

Batch 7 and the Transparent Collective team during the latest showcase.

With access to investors, mentors, and tech experts, the founders perfected their pitches, improved their products and connected with funding to grow their startups. From environmental and health technology to interest-based communities and more, this group of founders contributes to Transparent Collective’s development of an innovative startup ecosystem where minority entrepreneurs can flourish.

Of the nine founders, 40% are Black and six are women. The nine founders represent nine states and unique entrepreneurial ecosystems, bringing diverse experiences to the TC program. This year was the first time we had a startup from Puerto Rico.

Transparent Collective structures the week to include workshops and panels on developing great startup pitches and fundraising strategies with the support of 1:1 and group mentorships. The founders invest nearly 40 hours into the refinement of the pitch in preparation for the Startup Showcase.

The weeklong curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each batch. This showcase included a new workshop helping the founders formalize their ‘oneliners’ led by TC Program Director, Lara Jordan. Additionally, the week included an accelerator panel, “What Top Accelerators are Looking For and What it Takes to Get in,” with speakers from 500 Startups, Y Combinator, Target and Techstars.

Following a discussion on what investors are looking for, founders were invited to meet with four investors for 30 minutes each for mock investor meetings. Each founder was given thorough training and advice to succeed in fundraising with investors to grow their business.

The culmination of the week is the Startup Showcase where each founder had 4 minutes to present the revised pitch to the virtual room of 60+ investors and colleagues. Now we invite you to meet the Batch 7 Founders and Companies:

Accountstory helps sales teams close more enterprise deals by demystifying the procurement process, avoiding potential pitfalls, and identifying the decision makers. Our crowdsourced data platform serves as the source of truth for how companies make purchasing decisions.

BookSloth helps Young Adult readers join online clubs to connect with book lovers like them and celebrate their passion for reading.

Emagine Solutions Technology is tackling the U.S. maternal health crisis with remote patient monitoring for pregnancy care. We’re increasing communication between expectant mom and doctor and providing access to handheld ultrasound to improve outcomes.

Fade Technology Solutions, Inc. is a Shoppable Media Solution for the professional video ecosystem to monetize video and natively convert viewers at the point of inspiration.

Livegistics’ real-time, transparent system of record brings all the stakeholders in the heavy civil and demo construction industry online giving them a more profitable and secure way to operate their businesses.

SNKRHUD is a neighborhood of sneakerheads immortalizing their personal collection online in the form of digital collectibles they can showcase, buy, sell, and battle.

Waiver provides an embedded line of credit on bank accounts to protect against $50B paid annually in fees, keeping that money in the pockets of their rightful earners.

We Sparkle helps solopreneurs save 40% of their time via an AI sales associate that manages their schedules, answers FAQs, upsells, and encourages customer reviews.

WESTxEAST provides bespoke South Asian garments for cultural events through a virtual design platform.

If you are interested in getting in contact with any of our founders, you can find more information in this sheet.