Introducing Transparent Collective’s 6th Startup Batch

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3 min readSep 30, 2020


For 2020, the TC team is enthusiastic to announce the culmination of its 6th annual startup showcase. 11 Black, Latinx, and women founders from across the country with promising tech products and traction were selected to participate in its intensive week-long program focused on key aspects of founding and running an early stage company.

With access to investors, mentors, and tech experts, the founders perfected their pitches, improved their products and connected with funding to grow their startups. From health and education technology to remote recruiting platforms and more, this group of founders contributes to Transparent Collective’s development of an innovative startup ecosystem where minority entrepreneurs can flourish.

Of the 11 founders, 55% are Black and 3 are female. Other founders represent Sri Lankan, Afro-Latino, Caucasian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian and American Indian ethnicities.

Transparent Collective structures the week to include workshops and panels on developing great startup pitches and fundraising strategies with the support of 1:1 and group mentorships.

We also introduced new programming this year, which included a press panel on “How to Work with the Press as an Early Stage Startup,” with speakers from the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and Venturebeat, as well as an accelerator panel, “What Top Accelerators are Looking For and What it Takes to Get in,” with speakers from 500 Startups, Y Combinator and Techstars.

Following a discussion on what investors are looking for, founders were invited to meet with 4 investors for 30 minutes each for mock investor meetings. Each founder was given thorough training and advice to succeed in fundraising with investors to grow their business.

The startups of Batch 6:

AfriBlocks is a global Pan-African freelance collaboration platform & marketplace where vetted freelance professionals can provide remote services to buyers across the world.

Alerje is building a more convenient and modern allergy management platform to fit the needs of today’s patients, aimed at improving the overall quality of life for those that suffer from life threatening food allergies.

Dailies is a next-level schooling platform that engages students with fun educational experiences and shares the results with parents and educators for maximum educational success.

HairLooks is a social application that’s revolutionizing the way people have their hair done in smart city environments, reshaping the way Gen Z and Millennials think about hair care.

Hire Llama is a recruitment platform connecting US & LATAM engineers with high growth companies for remote full time work.

MÜD is a custom skincare recommendation platform, making the future of skincare inclusive, accessible, and powered by science.

Plain Sight is a proximity based networking tool for people to explore business communities around them.

Reup is a luxury watch marketplace providing 6 minute, live in-app viewings of luxury watches.

ServiceGanja is a technology platform for cannabis dispensaries that combines Compliance, POS, Front, & Back of the House & Customer Facing Technology.

Thicket Labs connects brands and consumers for research and testing programs that lead to breakthroughs in the product development process.

WORKOPTI is making content creation easier for enterprises by driving accountability, collaboration and compliance within content operations.

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