How TC Selects Startups

  1. Team. Highlight your backgrounds, experiences, and the reasons you and your co-founders are uniquely positioned to solve the problems you all are working on.
  2. Market. Since TC focuses on increasing representation for venture-backed tech companies, highlight how large your total addressable market opportunity is (hopefully in the $B’s) and how much of it you can reasonably capture. For more details on how the VC math works, check out this fantastic presentation by @jyri. One other important note here is that our strongest networks of investors, advisors, and mentors are based in North America. While we are currently focusing on US (and at times CA) companies, we are working to build our connections and create a global TC community.
  3. Product. Show off what you’re building. We typically look for companies with built or launched products. So the more you can highlight the product and how much your users love it, the better. If you are pre-product, show off your vision either as mocks or designs. This helps us understand how your product solves the problems for your users.
  4. Traction. Share the quantitative progress you have thus far made and some general projections of your growth in the future. Again, we typically look for companies that have some revenue or early customers that help to demonstrate product market fit. But if you are pre-revenue, explain the risks for your business and how you plan to mitigate those risks to reach your goals.
  5. TC Fit. Our last scoring criteria ensures that we have selected companies with underrepresented founders who we believe we can help in a significant way. Often, we get applications with deep scientific research or frontier tech that sound amazing, but TC might not be the best fit to help through our Startup Showcase program.




Transparent Collective helps Black, Latinx, and women founders access the connections & resources needed to succeed.

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Transparent Collective

Transparent Collective

Transparent Collective helps Black, Latinx, and women founders access the connections & resources needed to succeed.

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