How Five to Nine’s Jasmine Shells Uses Data to Power Employee Events

And then I had this idea: “Well, our organization gives us a budget. Why are we doing this manually?”

Fast forward ten years, and guess what? I found that program leaders were still doing the same thing. That’s when we really felt we could leverage technology to help solve a pain point for the ERG leader who’s spending so much time putting together these programs, while also giving powerful data back to the organization.

Hacking together all these forms and tools is just no longer sustainable, especially when we’re talking about organizations that have over a thousand employees, who are all remote.

We actually grew over 10X over the last year because companies now are actively seeking solutions to solve this specific pain point.

She told us that before Five to Nine, she was going off memory alone to create this aggregated report. Across the board, there was no benchmark data or go-to procedure for gathering feedback.

When the ERG leaders started using Five To Nine, everything became streamlined and standardized. Surveys were sent out automatically. All the data — who attended which event, what office they were from, etc. — was synced into one system.

It’s so amazing to see where those founders are now. A lot of the people who were in the cohort that I was in have raised multiple millions of dollars.

What was one of the most valuable lessons you learned from the cohort?



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